Knowing Who You Are is Half The Battle

I have lived many lives and experienced very low times. I know first hand the struggle women have to identify themselves as a blessed daughter of God.

Welcome to Jodi Faith Ministries.

My intention in all that I do is to provide opportunities for you to believe in who you are, right now; that you will come to know the beauty of how God created you and to know his purpose for your life.

I have lived many lives and experienced very low times. I know first hand the struggle women have to identify themselves as a blessed daughter of God. But I’ve also experienced the depths of peace that his love provides and my prayer is that you will experience this too.

Here are three things that I know to be true:

God is good.

He’s a good Father. A really good Father. His love is beyond anything I could ever have hoped or dreamed for and sustains my life, regardless of how I feel, or how much time and effort I put into the relationship. He just loves.

Everyone can be redeemed.

My story is full of light and dark and plenty in between. I was the perfect candidate for rejection, but God didn’t reject me. Despite my darkness, my background, and my failures, he welcomed me with open arms.

Reconciliation is completely possible.

Reconciliation with Father God comes through the death of his son, Jesus Christ.

He is the key that unlocks the door to our hearts and reintroduces us to the One who created us, restoring us back to our Father and bridging the gap between our humanity and his divinity.

If you feel your heart racing and your mind jumping up and down then I believe that God is speaking to you right now. He’s here. With you. All you need to do is invite him to be with you. It’s that simple. He’ll show you the rest.

May you be sincerely blessed and filled with the knowledge of who you are in God.

With love,



Beat The Bully

I have been bullied all my life.

When I begin to feel sorry for myself I think of my mentor, teacher, and friend and realize he too was bullied… to death actually.

When I pray and ask God to help stop the bully’s in my life… in our community… in our culture today, I’m quickly reminded that although the bullies seem to win in too many places and times – the story of my mentor being bullied to death ends with unbelievable victory for himself!

In case you haven’t figured it out – Jesus is my mentor and friend. During times like these when I feel my reputation is being sullied and irreparably harmed I need to remember that Satan and his plans, purposes and perpetrators seemingly destroyed Jesus for all intents and purposes too:)

The destruction of Christ himself rocked only a small group of people – and many supposed friends and supporters “fell away” out of discouragement, misunderstanding and/or ignorance.

I can remain in the “wilderness” of disillusionment and pain being pushed and bullied about… I can try to hide and make myself invisible for fear of more attacks and battering, completely isolating myself while hardening my heart toward all those responsible for the abuse, ugliness and indignity or I can do what My Hero and Teacher taught me to do. 

I can forgive.

I can say, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” I can allow the Spirit of God to pick me up and lift me above the muck and mire… empowering me to be absolutely victorious over the attack that was created to be my final destruction!!!


Battered and bruised no more. Washed clean by the mercy and grace of God’s restorative and redemptive power. No weapon formed against me will stand!

It’s a choice isn’t it?

Let’s “beat the bully” in your life today too! On this, the first day of the best days of your life!!


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